Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day two 2019 oloa Nelson Ledges

2019 One Lap of America first full track day at Nelson Ledges.

PoorVette not been happy lately.. steering issues and while on track, went into limp mode in our first session. Good thing we brought a spare.

After replacing the throttle actuator and modifying the steering shaft we made it to the second session, I'll just have a plug wire fall off on the reconnaissance lap.

Fixed quickly started at the tail of the group Click here for results.

Loaded everything back in the car and off to Road America. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Day one of 2019 oloa

Day one Tire Eack were skid pad and Grissom AFB Auto Cross complete.

Wet skid pad was you guessed it WET..... Didn't do as well as planned due to a driver error. Pushed it a little too hard again this year and the front pushed over in an area of the high volume of water on the surface. Tire did feel better cut they are just like two large pontoons on the wet skid pad.

Grissom Air Force Base was set up with a large auto cross by the local SCCA region and was run with NASA rules for the event. We got a total of three sessions and the first was wet but did allow for extra time for track review. We bettered our time on the second then third try but still fell short.

On our transit drive now to Nelson Ledges for tomorrow's event on a fresh track. We will try to get there early enough to ride the bike around it to scout it out.

 Below is a link for the current results page on One Lap of America webpage. End of day one we are in 43rd position overall and2nd in class. Long way to go for a top 25 with this crowd of participants.

One Lap results page

Sunday, April 28, 2019

One Lap 2017 Complete

We won 1st in the Vintage  Foreign class again but only got to 26th overall after missing one session falling short of my personal goal of a top 25 position.
Not bad considering how much the field has improved from 2 years ago in not only in the caliber of cars but in the caliber of driving as well and we still finished ahead of 27 cars that completed all of the events.
This year's One Lap was the most brutal and demanding we have attended thus far: Replacement alternator after getting beat first round at Memphis,
Replacement splitter at Road Atlanta after an agrecultural experience,
Cooked oil and had to be gentle at Road Atlanta and Sebring to keep oil temperature down,
Flat spot one of our brand new BFG Rival-s at Sebring and had to limp around on our last lap,
Hurt transaxle at CMP and had to do a quick change at the home garage hours out of the way barely making it to Dominion in time to get on track,
Bad gas when leaving Dominion and killed  both O2 sensors and lost 5 hours of travel time then checking into the hotel at 6:30am,
Broke a lower ball joint on track at Gingerman failed to take the Green flag with a DNS,
and oh yeah, by the way dislocated my nose when loading #poorvette on the flatbed truck to add insult.
No matter what the obstacles​ were, I still consider this best automotive weeks of all time and get to spend it with my Uncle and the opportunity to spend a great week with car friends at the best automotive summer camp ever known.
Thanks to all for followed along our journey and we look forward to One Lap 2018-did we hear correct Las Vegas????? Who's in?

Day 8 Tire Rack dry skid 2017 One Lap Complete

Finally made it. We limped to South Bend and the final event at Tire Rack Skid Pad. After the hardest year ever for us in our One Lap endeavors, we are glad to say we finished, and not only that we have one our 4th Ina's many entries Vintage Class One Lap of America.

Now that we are caught up with our OneLap 2017 adventure, make sure to follow along as we try for Win number 5 in 2019......

See you then!

Day 7 Gingerman

Well after pulling an all nighter, we pull into the he hotel while everyone else is checking out. Luckily the hotel manager saw what we looked like and let us shower before heading to the track.

Once at the track we get prepped and in grid for our final sessions.

While out on the recon lap, I edge one of the non aggressive rumble strips slightly and SNAP CRACKLE AND POP!  The left lower ball joint stud snaps off and we are done.... I pull to the infield  so the session can continue and after Brocker picks me up for the shame ride back tot the pits. We can't get the car off circuit infield till lunch brake so our first DNF.  At lunch the wrecker driver goes out to get the car and we help......

And I say the hits KEEP Coming........

With a little help from the wrecker driver I break my nose and while I'm at the med tent getting patched up, the true sprit of One Lap comes into play. When I get back tot the car I see Team RS Motors and Mike Maier tear off he front suspension to get us on track for our last session...

Thanks guys, you are all awesome

Day 6 Domini

Made it with no time to spare....... Basically by the skin of our teeth we pull into the paddock in the poring rain as our run group is getting in line. We unhook and I jumped under a competitors tent to throw on my gear and make it to grid as our group pulls out. Slip sliding away we finished unscathed and the second session was a little drier. It's off to Gingerman but heat another problem. Picked up bad gas in Wichester Va and with the help of a local shop we drain the system and get a late start just to drive all nite and make it...... And the hits keep coming.....

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day Five CMP The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Carolina Motorsports Park the closest track to our hometowns for onelapofamerica 2017. Although this is one of the closest tracks we do not frequent it very often. The people there are great, it's just that the track very aggressive on tires and brakes.

The Good

The best part was a see our wives Sandra and Michelle as they came fresh supplies and to take away our dirties. Even a dozen of Granny's Donuts!

We also had several friends visit from the Carolinas that have not been able to attend onelapofamerica event . Think they're all at press of the caliber of cars that come out to participate in onelapofamerica.

The Bad

Even though we ended up with two 14th Place finishes and finishing out with a cumulative points that places in 20th overall, it did not happen without more drama. Although we got the oil change done and the oil pressure did a lot better under the heat conditions. We did mess up on the chassis setup then had to fix and loose exhaust system between sessions. We then started to feel a slight hesitation in a car. 

For our second session the bad only got worse, the hesitation that I felt slightly during the first session continue to get worse, so I really had to back down the last two laps. It turns out that the bad was pretty bad, as we pulled out of the track we realized she was the transaxle. As we turn to look at each other, we are both thinking well this is One Lap. Is it over for us or are going to make it. With our best overall finish in sight, we knew what we had to do. 

Quick phone call to Billy Wenk of HBi Auto got us a transmission jack from his shop for us to borrow. Had a quick run of the exhaust system over to Travis at Farmington Motors got our exhaust welded back with a fresh hanger..

The Ugly

Now with the transmission swap completed it's 4 a.m. and we're now in transit to Dominion Raceway for day 6 in day 6. GPS says 8:30 just in time to make the field. 

Wish us luck

PS. Please forgive the typos. No sleep, you know. This is what lap and wouldn't you know this was supposed to be the easiest travel day of the entire event and we even missed the One Lap party at Dominion Wednesday night. Bummer....