Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day Five CMP The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Carolina Motorsports Park the closest track to our hometowns for onelapofamerica 2017. Although this is one of the closest tracks we do not frequent it very often. The people there are great, it's just that the track very aggressive on tires and brakes.

The Good

The best part was a see our wives Sandra and Michelle as they came fresh supplies and to take away our dirties. Even a dozen of Granny's Donuts!

We also had several friends visit from the Carolinas that have not been able to attend onelapofamerica event . Think they're all at press of the caliber of cars that come out to participate in onelapofamerica.

The Bad

Even though we ended up with two 14th Place finishes and finishing out with a cumulative points that places in 20th overall, it did not happen without more drama. Although we got the oil change done and the oil pressure did a lot better under the heat conditions. We did mess up on the chassis setup then had to fix and loose exhaust system between sessions. We then started to feel a slight hesitation in a car. 

For our second session the bad only got worse, the hesitation that I felt slightly during the first session continue to get worse, so I really had to back down the last two laps. It turns out that the bad was pretty bad, as we pulled out of the track we realized she was the transaxle. As we turn to look at each other, we are both thinking well this is One Lap. Is it over for us or are going to make it. With our best overall finish in sight, we knew what we had to do. 

Quick phone call to Billy Wenk of HBi Auto got us a transmission jack from his shop for us to borrow. Had a quick run of the exhaust system over to Travis at Farmington Motors got our exhaust welded back with a fresh hanger..

The Ugly

Now with the transmission swap completed it's 4 a.m. and we're now in transit to Dominion Raceway for day 6 in day 6. GPS says 8:30 just in time to make the field. 

Wish us luck

PS. Please forgive the typos. No sleep, you know. This is what lap and wouldn't you know this was supposed to be the easiest travel day of the entire event and we even missed the One Lap party at Dominion Wednesday night. Bummer....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day Four Sebring... Wow

Talk about truly iconic race tracks in the US, and Sebring always comes to mind. To see the names of the legends that are on the walls and banners at the track and realize that you're on the same track that those drivers drove on to win. All you can say is wow.

Waking up with a hotel sunrise view over the track, you just know it's going to be a great day. And it was no disappointment, even though we ain't got today was just a little drama.

We ended up having a little oil temp issue from Road Atlanta that was going to carry over we were afraid the first session at Sebring. The issue did not disappoint after the First full hot lap first time ever on track, oil temperature started to rise in the oil pressure starting to drop, so I started short shift in the car and try to keep the RPMs lower to cool it back down. Got through the session and finally end up in 20th position overall. On the second session went out try to improve the time. I changed up driving style level try to go deeper and longer carrying speed and short-shifting a little sooner and​ it seemed to work but there was a little drama.

I had bad tire bounce during one of many late braking corners​ and locked on right front onlt. It had a flat spot on a brand new tire that went down to the cords. The vibration was so bad the the lower deflector behind the splitter shook loose and I thought the tire was separating. Just knew it was tire that was going to take the right front fender off.  I was going to cross the finish line no matter what happened. Even with slowing down not knowing what type of damage I was dealing with, I still ended up in 20th position overall and 4 seconds faster that session 1.

So at the end of the day as it turns out we had to verify with the officials so that we could change the right front tire then get the deflector put back in place who are track to Grassroots Motorsports in Daytona fighting traffic all the way. Power off to Carolina Motorsports Park Kershaw South Carolina a place I've seen before hopefully we'll have it better than a top 20 finish. Can't wait to see all the people that come out your support and watch us. See you there.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Day Three Complete at Road Atlanta

Day three was much better then day two. Even with a little off track cultivation experience we managed to take 16th place overall in the morning session. Without having been on Road Atlanta for many years, it was easy for me miss a corner and go out through the grass, luckily for  me was able to gather it back up and continue on for a complete session. When I got back on the pits we worked to replace the cracked splitter to get ready for the second session in the afternoon. For the second session we finished in 16th Place overall again but a little less dramatic form.

With less than 4 hours sleep from the night before started today at 6 a.m. this morning are GPS says we will be in Sebring about midnight if all goes well.

Today's points puts us up into 26 position overall. Making progress one session at a time.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day Two Memphis International

Well, the best thing about today was the sunrise over the horizon, and knowing that I would be spending the day with my Uncle Enjoy the Ride. After that it all kinda went downhill​ once we got to the track.

Session 1 was horrible, I totally  messed up turns two through four and left tons on the table. All driver error on my part. Finished 28th overall. 

Regrouped and replayed the live broadcast and saw were I could do better for the second session and finished 19th overall. The changes help but then caused issues later for me carrying the additional speed and way overshot the braking zones. I left so much on the course and should have done so much better.  Oh well that's were One Lap can get you. 

When you only have three laps in a session, you better make sure that they are perfect. If not perfect, then at least better than I did.

The afternoon was the drag race and boy am I had that's over. In the past my Uncle had always done this the prior three One Laps.

Truth be told, I have driven the PoorVette to my local drag way Farmington several times, (notice I said to my local dragway). It never made it home under it's own power. With the help of friends, it always when home on the trailer. Even though we had corrected the axle trans issues that caused the failures I still didn't have the confidence that I wouldn't do it again.

 We had completed in a ton of launch style events with Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car events, but nothing with traction compound down.

I just new I was going to brake it, so caution prevailed and I had a 1.002 reaction time on the top speed drag with a time of 13.928. Well that proves it, evedently I need to stick to the curves as I finished 40th overall.

By the way the top 3 cars were in the 10's and the top 10 cars were all less then 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile. Not bad for street cars on a 4,000 road trip.

On the second session for drag racing got beat in the first round even though I wasn't as conservative off the line with a .330 (better, but no where near what it needs to be)  and finished with a 12.982 in the 1/4. So with all that said there is a lot of ground to still make up.

But that doesn't top the events for the day and I am afraid the night is not over.

After loading all of our gear and trailer up to make the trek from Memphis International to road Atlanta​, problems. As soon as we got in the car to leave we noticed the charging system was showing 11 volts. Still started fine with our Optima battery thank goodness, but we couldn't take a chance and opted to swap out the alternator at the track. After a little more than an hour, we had pulled the power steering pump, idler and bracket to get the spare alternator from the trailer installed.

We go from a short night by being eliminated in the first round to being the last car to leave.

Going to be a long night drive to Atlanta, but at least we are on our way.

And yes, before anyone ribs me reaction time, I know I need work, and more than two times at the line. Maybe I should have tried the local drag strip again?  Nah......

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day One Tire Rack and Grissom AFB

Well day one is in the books except for the transit drive to Memphis. Didn't fare to well on the wet skid pad. The entire pad was not completely wet and got me too confident so when I was taking the green, it was almost lost it, right out of he gate. Disappointed finish of 62 overall. That's not the way to make it to the top 25, especially with the crowd of talent and supreme cars that are entered this year.

After a short drive to Grissom AFB in Peru Indiana, we were at the Auto Cross event for the afternoon. Well we did a little bit better at 30th overall, but still not where we need to be. Glad these two events are over and glad to get to some Road course action.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

And the Quest Begins

Special thanks go out to the following to make this coming week one of truly the best automotive summer camps that not only tests of skill and stamina of drivers from all over the country, but do it in "street legal" machines that they drive not on the iconic tracks that's some auto enthusist just dream about driving on.

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