Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

New clutch in!

Thanks to Lou and Bryant at Exclusive Motorwerks for getting our new clutch in just in time. Fells a lot stiffer but still street friendly.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last test at CMP at Detroit Speed's Southern Slam.

Just a few picture from our tests at CMP. Only one problem, the clutch starts slipping!!!!!!! Still finished top 10 on the Road coarse Saturday and on the Autocross Sunday. Nothing like a little drama right before we leave for One Lap 2013. Well at least we don't don't have to break in a clutch, right?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last test day at VIR

April 17 was the last VIR Club day for the last shake down after all of our changes. The video link above gives a good lap view from inside White trash. Ran our new tire through their first heat cycle and they did real well. We still had a crank case pressure issue though at wide open throttle. All of the extra venting and catch cans didn't seem to do the trick. After blowing oil out of the right valve cover on two consecutive sessions I met up with the LS king Kurt Urban who was there with the Jet Hot and DSE teams doing testing before the Southern Slam at CMP. With a quick look and suggestion, we made a couple of small changes and WOW! Problem SOLVED! Kurt is the MAN!

By the way..... Which one of these doesn't look like the others?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter is over and Spring is finally here. Getting ready for 2013 One Lap of America.

Things to do over the winter were rather extensive, but nothing too major.

Replaced both rear wheel bearings and the stub shaft on the left side where we had the problem last rear. But believe it or not still had a problem when testing on the left rear again. So replaced the left rear yet one more time, guess what AGAIN it starting making a noise. At the conclusion of this we decided to change the arm as an assembly from a known good car and from that point we have not looked back.

Tried several times to fix the busting out issue at high RPM's that we thought was a fuel issue during the race but no luck. We gave up and took to PCM's for Less the they got it fixed for us and not only that but with the new headers and a tune we gained 60 rear wheel horse power. Also since we now will truly be able to run at wide open throttle we had to add a crank case vent separation system to properly vent the crankcase without pulling all of the oil out of the crankcase.

Now for the Big thing BIG RED BRAKES. The one thing we really needed was brakes brakes and a little more brakes. When your on track your not familiar with brakes are huge when your rolling at high speed and not sure where to go as you can easily blast through a corner and ending up off coarse. With this upgrade to Brembo Porsche 993 Turbo brake system including larger rotors, we add a lot of confidence when going deeper in the corners. All we had to do was change out to the later tougher spindles for them to mount to and a new proportion valve to get a little extra grip in the rear.

Another suspension change for this year was the replacement of the factory lower control arms for a safer and more rigid arm set and the addition of Delron suspension bushing set. All of these changes seem to help the responsiveness.

Other changes were only convenience and cosmetic such as moving the gauges from the lower console area and putting a more efficient cooling duct, new A/c compressor, cleaning out and painting the interior, tinting the back fishbowl glass to keep the interior temps down, replacing the track pitted windshield and one of our cracked headlights so we can see better at night.

With all of this and a fresh set of new shoes, Michelin Pilot Super Sports 265/35/18 front and 285/35/18 on the rear, we are ready for our last few test runs before this years event.

Coming up next..... Practice at VIR on the full course April 17 so stay tuned.