Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 One Lap Complete and in the books

2012 One Lap in Slo-Motion with White Trash the PoorVette

The following was posted in the 2012 Yearbook for One Lap of America, hope you enjoy and keep and keep watch for more posts coming shortly.


1 Vintage 1986 Porsche 944 with an identity crisis

2 old guys

Ls3 Corvette engine

4 hours sleep average per night (that's a stretch)

5 minute fuel stops

6 minute fast food breaks

7 cylinders firing at the end of the journey

8 GREAT days of racing and spending time with my Uncle on some of the best race tracks in the country.

We start with a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo and add a Corvette LS3 6.2, spend time money and effort and end up with one really fast street car that is way faster than these two old guys can drive it and send off on a bucket list item that will probably end up being an annual year after year event.

This whole crazy idea of Herman and I doing this one lap this year for the first time is one more we can check off the bucket list. It's one of those things we wanted to do for a few years now, we just didn't want to put off any longer as we just never know what is around our next corner. We've dedicated this years run for us to the memory Herman's dad Lewis A Porter (my grandfather) and my dad "Pat" Lewis A Porter Jr (Herman's brother) who have both past. Along with Herman they ran a Speed Shop in the small town of Elkin NC. We are really proud of our Slo-Motion Speed Shop logo in the center of the hood and our team shirts reproduced by my brother-in-law Keith Lunsford was a perfect representation of the original logo. The other pictures around the logo are of them in their younger days and of us with the family race car. Remember all we are never guaranteed tomorrow sow live every day at its fullest and by all means HAVE FUN!

After Day 8 of One Lap of America is the Slo-Motion Team has completed their first One Lap of America/Cannonball event. What a GREAT week, Spending time with Herman this week was one of the best parts, but I'll have to tell you this 150+ MPH down the front drag strip front straight at Brainerd and taking the fastest turn one on any track in America on I had never heard if before not to mention never seen before, was pretty exhilarating. We won our class, all be it small, and considering we missed a total of four events, we still finished in 56th place overall ahead of several veteran teams that made to every event this year. White Trash overall did Great, even with a few bearing and fuel issues that we had, only having 80% of throttle response, and a plug wire that failed after the engine would get hot on track, all of these causing slower track times and 4 missed events, it's still running like a top. Only thing is we may be changing the name to Dirty White Trash as I don't think we will ever get all the bugs and brake dust off.

Just in case anyone ask if we would do it again, we are already making on a list of what we need to do for next year..... The top items on the list are... #1 BRAKES, #2 BRAKES, #3 BRAKES, #4 MORE Horsepower believe it or not.... We didn't bring a knife to a gunfight, but we did bring a .22 caliber to a 50 CAL machine gun fight. But I have to say for a "one lap pup team " which is terminology for rookies, we felt pretty good overall considering we had never driven any of these tracks at speed .

We have transitioned from "one lap pups" to "one lap dogs" a veteran One Lap of America team.

I do believe that One Lap of America is by far is the best way to see many tracks in a short time to get a quick glimpse of some of the best tracks in the country. Can't wait till One Lap hits more that we haven't seen yet.