Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day Four Sebring... Wow

Talk about truly iconic race tracks in the US, and Sebring always comes to mind. To see the names of the legends that are on the walls and banners at the track and realize that you're on the same track that those drivers drove on to win. All you can say is wow.

Waking up with a hotel sunrise view over the track, you just know it's going to be a great day. And it was no disappointment, even though we ain't got today was just a little drama.

We ended up having a little oil temp issue from Road Atlanta that was going to carry over we were afraid the first session at Sebring. The issue did not disappoint after the First full hot lap first time ever on track, oil temperature started to rise in the oil pressure starting to drop, so I started short shift in the car and try to keep the RPMs lower to cool it back down. Got through the session and finally end up in 20th position overall. On the second session went out try to improve the time. I changed up driving style level try to go deeper and longer carrying speed and short-shifting a little sooner and​ it seemed to work but there was a little drama.

I had bad tire bounce during one of many late braking corners​ and locked on right front onlt. It had a flat spot on a brand new tire that went down to the cords. The vibration was so bad the the lower deflector behind the splitter shook loose and I thought the tire was separating. Just knew it was tire that was going to take the right front fender off.  I was going to cross the finish line no matter what happened. Even with slowing down not knowing what type of damage I was dealing with, I still ended up in 20th position overall and 4 seconds faster that session 1.

So at the end of the day as it turns out we had to verify with the officials so that we could change the right front tire then get the deflector put back in place who are track to Grassroots Motorsports in Daytona fighting traffic all the way. Power off to Carolina Motorsports Park Kershaw South Carolina a place I've seen before hopefully we'll have it better than a top 20 finish. Can't wait to see all the people that come out your support and watch us. See you there.

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