Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day Two Memphis International

Well, the best thing about today was the sunrise over the horizon, and knowing that I would be spending the day with my Uncle Enjoy the Ride. After that it all kinda went downhill​ once we got to the track.

Session 1 was horrible, I totally  messed up turns two through four and left tons on the table. All driver error on my part. Finished 28th overall. 

Regrouped and replayed the live broadcast and saw were I could do better for the second session and finished 19th overall. The changes help but then caused issues later for me carrying the additional speed and way overshot the braking zones. I left so much on the course and should have done so much better.  Oh well that's were One Lap can get you. 

When you only have three laps in a session, you better make sure that they are perfect. If not perfect, then at least better than I did.

The afternoon was the drag race and boy am I had that's over. In the past my Uncle had always done this the prior three One Laps.

Truth be told, I have driven the PoorVette to my local drag way Farmington several times, (notice I said to my local dragway). It never made it home under it's own power. With the help of friends, it always when home on the trailer. Even though we had corrected the axle trans issues that caused the failures I still didn't have the confidence that I wouldn't do it again.

 We had completed in a ton of launch style events with Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car events, but nothing with traction compound down.

I just new I was going to brake it, so caution prevailed and I had a 1.002 reaction time on the top speed drag with a time of 13.928. Well that proves it, evedently I need to stick to the curves as I finished 40th overall.

By the way the top 3 cars were in the 10's and the top 10 cars were all less then 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile. Not bad for street cars on a 4,000 road trip.

On the second session for drag racing got beat in the first round even though I wasn't as conservative off the line with a .330 (better, but no where near what it needs to be)  and finished with a 12.982 in the 1/4. So with all that said there is a lot of ground to still make up.

But that doesn't top the events for the day and I am afraid the night is not over.

After loading all of our gear and trailer up to make the trek from Memphis International to road Atlanta​, problems. As soon as we got in the car to leave we noticed the charging system was showing 11 volts. Still started fine with our Optima battery thank goodness, but we couldn't take a chance and opted to swap out the alternator at the track. After a little more than an hour, we had pulled the power steering pump, idler and bracket to get the spare alternator from the trailer installed.

We go from a short night by being eliminated in the first round to being the last car to leave.

Going to be a long night drive to Atlanta, but at least we are on our way.

And yes, before anyone ribs me reaction time, I know I need work, and more than two times at the line. Maybe I should have tried the local drag strip again?  Nah......

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