Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day Five CMP The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Carolina Motorsports Park the closest track to our hometowns for onelapofamerica 2017. Although this is one of the closest tracks we do not frequent it very often. The people there are great, it's just that the track very aggressive on tires and brakes.

The Good

The best part was a see our wives Sandra and Michelle as they came fresh supplies and to take away our dirties. Even a dozen of Granny's Donuts!

We also had several friends visit from the Carolinas that have not been able to attend onelapofamerica event . Think they're all at press of the caliber of cars that come out to participate in onelapofamerica.

The Bad

Even though we ended up with two 14th Place finishes and finishing out with a cumulative points that places in 20th overall, it did not happen without more drama. Although we got the oil change done and the oil pressure did a lot better under the heat conditions. We did mess up on the chassis setup then had to fix and loose exhaust system between sessions. We then started to feel a slight hesitation in a car. 

For our second session the bad only got worse, the hesitation that I felt slightly during the first session continue to get worse, so I really had to back down the last two laps. It turns out that the bad was pretty bad, as we pulled out of the track we realized she was the transaxle. As we turn to look at each other, we are both thinking well this is One Lap. Is it over for us or are going to make it. With our best overall finish in sight, we knew what we had to do. 

Quick phone call to Billy Wenk of HBi Auto got us a transmission jack from his shop for us to borrow. Had a quick run of the exhaust system over to Travis at Farmington Motors got our exhaust welded back with a fresh hanger..

The Ugly

Now with the transmission swap completed it's 4 a.m. and we're now in transit to Dominion Raceway for day 6 in day 6. GPS says 8:30 just in time to make the field. 

Wish us luck

PS. Please forgive the typos. No sleep, you know. This is what lap and wouldn't you know this was supposed to be the easiest travel day of the entire event and we even missed the One Lap party at Dominion Wednesday night. Bummer....

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